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Permalink to Image post format

Image post format

This is an image post format. Just set a featured image like you would normally do and the theme displays it accordingly.

Permalink to Link post format

Link post format

This is a link in a Link Post Format

Permalink to Gallery post format

Gallery post format

This is a gallery post format. Just select the gallery post format, add images to the post and a default WordPress [gallery] shortcode.

Permalink to Quote post format

Quote post format

Edge is an incredible theme, this is your new site, you just don’t know it yet!

This is a quote post format. Just select the quote post format and add a [blockquote] shortcode.

Permalink to Video post format

Video post format

This is a video post format. Just select the video post format and use the [video] shortcode to display it.

Permalink to Status post format

Status post format

This is a status post format. It’s just like a Twitter status but in WordPress, awesome right?
You only need to add text to the normal description field of a post and select the status post format.

Permalink to Chat post format

Chat post format

  • Snow: How much sleep ya need, Kelvin?
  • Chris Kelvin: How much sleep?
  • Snow: Yeah. Um, how long ya think you can go without sleep?
  • Chris Kelvin: Depends.
  • Snow: Well, when you do go to sleep… I find I sleep much better with the door locked.